Experience a culinary expedition filled with exceptional flavors at The Proud Hotel’s celebrated restaurant. Our dining facility serves as an epicurean sanctuary in which seasoned chefs craft a menu that harmoniously unites international classics with the flamboyant and varied palates of Thai gastronomy. Immerse yourself in an environment of tasteful sophistication, where contemporary aesthetics merge with traditional Thai decorum -creating the impeccable setup for quiet candlelit dinners, close-knit family feasts or festive banquets. Whether it’s the open-air relaxation on our terrace that you have a preference for or getting snugly indoors, each space is thoughtfully laid out to elevate your gourmet experience.

Relish in a harmony of flavors when our highly professional chefs apply meticulous attention to detail in preparing every dish from excellent locally obtained ingredients. From sensational Thai curries to worldwide gems, our menu promises something unique for an array of culinary preferences – endeavoring henceforth to appeal universally.

An ample collection represents wine and other beverages designed deliberately to supplement your sumptuous feast—a selection meticulously evaluated by gourmets among us—for full-bodied pleasure across all sensory